UV Index (W/m^2)

The values of the index range from zero upward - the higher the UVI, the greater the potential for damage to the skin and eye, and the less time it takes for harm to occur.

Low 1-2

Moderate 3-5

High 6-7

Very High 8-10

Extreme 11+


Distance of last lightning strike (km)

In the last hour, there has been 0 lightning strikes

In the last 3 hours there has been 0 lightning strikes

The last lightning strike took place on Mon, 05 Jun 2023 04:34:31


Earthquakes (Beta)

A list of earthquakes greater than 3.0 in the past 24 hours


Rain Today (mm)

It has rained for a total of 14 minutes today

Yesterday it rained for 15 minutes

Yesterday Heathmont had a total of 0.16 mm of rain

Air Quality AQI

0-33 - Very good

Air quality is considered very good, and air pollution poses little or no risk

34-66 - Good

Air quality is considered good, and air pollution poses little or no risk

67-99 - Fair

Air quality is acceptable. However, there may be a health concern for very sensitive people

100-149 - Poor

Air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. The general population is not likely to be affected in this range

≥150 Very poor

Air quality is unhealthy, and everyone may begin to experience health effects. Sensitive people may experience more serious health effects